Article Summaries 08-2007

08-19-07 Article 992 - by Zhou Liqiang

LIqiang ZhouTitle: A reasonable explanation for CCP will not invade Taiwan


Author: Liqiang Zhou


Date Posted: 08-19-2007


Url: (gb)


Through his friend working in a Shanghai Shipyard, the author learned the opinions that the mainland will not likely to invade Taiwan, whatever Taiwan does.


The friend said, “What does the threats to the China current interests come from? From the east coast or from the west side?”


The friend said that if Taiwan left China, China would not actually lose any current interests since China did not control Taiwan. However, if Tibet or Xinjiang left China, China would have too much to loose.


So the China strategy is seen as to make noises in the east to drag U.S. military attention, while quietly strengthen its military power over the west territory and political influence over the countries border the west side. The author believes his friend's saying were reasonable and consistent with other information.


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08-22-07 Article 1001 - by Zhang Yongxiang

Zhang YongxiangTitle: To Emphasize “Needs” Is The Bad CCP Culture Of Pursuing Communism



Author: Zhang Yongxiang


Date Posted: 08-19-2007


Url: (gb)


The author discusses that the CCP “needs” culture is unfair. Those who get many benefits from the government may find excuses that they “need” more, and they get more. Those who actually contribute much but don’t find excuses that they “need” more benefits from the government, they don’t get.


The author concludes that the “need” culture gives CCP officials more power over the people they govern. And it also creates a system of apple polishing and corruption.


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08-28-07 Article 1005 - by Hu, Yuhui


Hu YuhuiTitle: China Mainland Democracy Movement Must Consciously Oppose The Influence From “Republic Of China”


Author: Hu, Yuhui


Date Posted: 08-28-2007


Url: (gb)


In her article, the author wrote, “I believe, China Mainland democracy movement is aiming to spread the influences to change the China Communist Party, to change the China political system, to change the thoughts and behaviors of the people in China. We aim to establish a democratic government  system in China which respect human rights, enforce equalities for all ethnicities, local government self-governance and freedom for all the people. Our goals are not to influence the U.S. government’s foreign relationship policies with the “People’s Republic of China” or the “Republic of China”, for the “Republic of China”, neither to voice “innocence” for the “Republic of China”.


The author criticized certain China democracy organization hanging “Republic of China” founder Sun Yet-san’s portrait and placing the national flag of “Republic of China” in their meetings.


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